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Change Is In The Air

by Jason Sanders on January 8, 2010

You might have noticed that nothing has been going on with TVPG Radio in quite a while.  The last show was on September 21 which pretty much corresponds with the time that I started planning and designing the new platform for The Value Pages Group.  Even though there’s still some polishing to be done, I’m glad to say that a lot of the heavy lifting is over and that The Value Pages Group is up and functional.

I recently got asked if I’m still doing the show, which is funny because I’m actually in the middle of planning a comeback.  Change is in the air!  The Get More Business show was always sort of a Larry King styled show with the focus being on the guest.  Boy did we have some great guests and some great in depth interviews!  But I’m writing this to tell you I think it’s time for a change.

Here’s my thoughts: The business landscape is changing faster than ever.  Technology is speeding forward at a blinding clip.  The economy is standing on the edge of a cliff.  Businesses are desperately in need of more help NOW!  Honestly a once a week show featuring a single guest isn’t enough.  I’m faced with balancing trying to do better to meet the need and my lack of time due to other obligations.

The Solution:

I’m going to be bringing on several new people to contribute to the show on a weekly basis.  This will allow us to present more helpful information and also present different perspectives.  I’m sure all the different business owners out there who appreciate the Get More Business show all have their own unique perspectives based on what it is they do, their upbringing and where they live.  A little diversity on the show will go a long way towards providing a deeper level of service to the business community.  I’m really excited about this change!

Since there will be more people and more topics, the show will probably end up being an overview of ideas.  Don’t worry though, all of the in depth analysis and deep understanding that you count on from the Get More Business show will still be available here on this blog.  It’s the best of both worlds and it’s going to be awesome!

I’ve got several people in mind already.  I’ll be announcing them here in the coming days as they actually commit.  There’s a lot to look forward to in 2010.  What do you think of these new ideas?  I’d love to read your feedback, so leave a comment!

Update: To find out more about the changes to the show, check out:
Welcome Josh Chandler
Rich Bradley Joins TVPG Radio
Sheila O’Mara Joins TVPG Radio

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