About TVPG Radio

jason1I’m Jason Sanders, President of The Value Pages Group.  I started TVPG Radio in May 2008 in the midst of a global economic crisis.  It seemed like a financial tsunami had come aground and everyone was struggling to keep their heads above the rushing water.  I knew that my business, The Value Pages Group, had a lot to offer small to medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, but I also realized that people desperately needed help now.  The Value Pages Group was just coming out of development at that point and it felt like there wasn’t enough time to grow it to the size that it would have to be to have the immediate impact that was so badly needed.

Going back to my tsunami metaphor, as I scanned the business landscape, I saw some businesses being battered by the unforgiving waters of change.  Some were smashed against their obligations, others swept away from the safety of their client base, but here and there, above the chaos, were businesses standing solid on islands.  Obviously the owners of these businesses were better positioned than their counterparts and had better vision, or had made better decisions.  “If only we all knew what those islands knew.” I mused.

And thus the idea for TVPG Radio’s Get More Business Show was born.  My goal with the show is to feature businesses that are adapting to this economy and finding opportunity and success.  I like having honest conversations about how business is changing and what it now takes to “make it.”  Of course “Making It” means a lot of different things to different people, but that’s all part of the conversation.  I also enjoy having authors on the show to share ideas that provide value for business owners.

No matter what guest I have on, I always try to extract the practical information for my audience.  Value is always my goal.  So if you have something valuable to share, or if you’d like to recommend a guest* don’t hesitate to contact me.

Update: For 2010 the show has been completely redesigned to give our listeners a broader perspective, a deeper level of service, and more valuable information all while being a hell of a lot more entertaining.  Rich Bradley, Josh Chandler, and Sheila O’Mara are now regular contributors to the program, but the goals of the show remain the same.

*In the interest of saving both my time and the time of potential guests, please be advised: If you only want to be on to sell a service or product, this show is not the right venue for you. Let me clarify that. I’m not against guests who have services or products to sell. I regularly have authors on the show, but if my audience won’t receive any value from your guest appearance unless they purchase your service or product, then you are not the right guest for this program. FYI, my audience consists of  entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and owners of small to medium sized businesses.