FinancialStatementsDisclosuresCh-1Business owners who appear as guests on TVPG Radio are selected based on their ability and willingness to provide valuable information and/or perspective to the listening audience. Some (but not all) of those business owners may be members of The Value Pages Group.  As members they may or may not have paid The Value Pages Group annual or monthly membership premiums, or purchased business enhancing services from The Value Pages Group through TVPG Labs.  Being a member of The Value Pages Group does not guarantee that your business will be featured on TVPG Radio.  Again, guests are selected based on their ability and willingness to provide valuable information and/or perspective to the listening audience.  ANY Business Owner meeting the criteria is welcome to be a guest on TVPG Radio.

Authors who appear on TVPG Radio are selected based on the same criteria as business owners.  Often, as a courtesy, Authors will provide a complimentary copy of their book in advance of their appearance so that I can prepare for the interview.  This gracious act in no way influences the content of the show.  I do not aspire to be a book critic.  I only want to provide valuable information to my audience.  When authors appear on the show, my focus is to discuss the important information that the book holds for as much time as I have.  If that discussion motivates you to buy the book, so be it.  I will recommend a book if I find it valuable, but if you’re looking for an in depth analysis of a business writer’s work, you’ve probably come to the wrong place.  I do make a practice of providing the books featured for sale through the Amazon Store on The Value Pages Group’s website.  Amazon does provide a 15% referral fee to me for every item sold through that store.  If you’re going to buy the book, and want to support The Value Pages Group, I appreciate your business.

I have not done interviews or product reviews for money or “swag” (though I might consider it…electronics are my weakness).  I’ve never been paid by a guest for them to appear on TVPG Radio.  I’ve never received anything of significant value (more than the price of  a book) from a guest either.

I do my best to only have good and upstanding people on the show.  Having said that I can’t guarantee the moral fiber of everyone I interview. Potential customers and/or clients are encouraged to do their due diligence just as they would with any other transaction.  Always verify a company’s licenses, certifications, and insurance where appropriate.  Asking for references is also a great way to verify a company’s performance.

I reserve the right to try out advertising on this site. Should you find an ad on this site, that means that I endorse that product and believe it has value to the community (or Google Adsense thinks it’s important).

If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to contact me.

Jason Sanders
The Value Pages Group