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Rich Bradley

For nearly 20 years, Rich Bradley has worked in public relations and marketing. After graduating from Penn State University with a degree in Journalism, he worked for a variety of newspapers including the Northeast Philadelphia Times, the Philadelphia Daily News and the Philadelphia Inquirer. During that time, a series of articles he authored were named the “Best Sports Story” of the year by the Philadelphia Press Association.

After earning his Masters degree in Sports Administration from Temple University, Rich worked for a minor-league basketball team then moved to California to become the Media Relations Coordinator for The Upper Deck Company. He returned to the East Coast, where he worked for Fleer trading cards for over 6 years as a Public Relations Coordinator and product manager. In addition to writing numerous articles for various publications, he was also quoted as an industry expert and was cited for some of his unique ideas with trading cards.

Most recently, Rich currently owns Proforma Creative Services in Atco NJ, where he works to develop and execute marketing plans and increase the visibility of companies like General Electric, A. C. Moore, and numerous other organizations both large and small. With a staff of five people, Rich works closely with his clients to develop unique ideas and concepts by using printing and promotional products to help them gain publicity and additional sales.

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Rich Bradley

We’ve been very fortunate to have a number of great guests on the radio show recently. While the topics have been pretty far-ranging — methods of incorporation, marketing & direct mail, non-profit structuring — there is one piece of advice that shines through. Ask for help! Or more precisely, pay for help. With all that [...]

Bus. comm: r u ok?

Rich Bradley

I got into an interesting discussion with my co-host, Josh Chandler, on a recent radio show. The discussion started with another host, Jason Sanders, asked me a rather innocent question — how important is writing to a business?
As a former writer, newspaper editor and public relations specialist, nearly all of my post-college experience has dealt with the written word. [...]

Growing A Lawn-Care Business

Rich Bradley

We had an interesting guest on our radio show today ( who gave us some insight into growing a business.
Ok, maybe I should choose a word other than “grow” since our guest — Adam Horning — owns a lawn-car business. The reason I think Adam’s story is inspiring not just because he has managed to grow [...]

Define the brand: You or your company?

Rich Bradley

We very briefly touched on a subject on this past week’s radio show that I wanted to explore a bit more deeply.
The question asked if are you your company. In other words, is your brand is defined by you or your company?
Interesting question. And, like so many questions in the business world, there’s no one [...]

Diversification vs. Specialization — Which is right for you?

Rich Bradley

On this week’s radio show, we touched on the subject of diversification vs. specialization. While we weren’t to come to a conclusion favoring one or the other, we were at least able to reach a consensus that it really depends on a number of factors, and that each business has to decide which is right [...]

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