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@unmarketing on TVPG Radio!

by Jason Sanders Business
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On this week’s TVPG Radio show, I’m excited to announce that our guest is going to be Scott Stratten (@unmarketing on twitter)  Scott has his first book coming up and we’re excited to have him on the show and find out more about the book. Scott has been following an “unmarketing” strategy for more than […]

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The end of Get More Business for me.

by joshchandler Follow Up

Jason Sanders of The Value Pages Group announced on the Wednesday 7th April show that I was leaving. It was a tough decision to make.
The show only started back in February and I think that Jason has developed a quality team of business owners who truly offer a unique and insightful opinion to the discussion. [...]

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The Pricing Question: Problem or Prosperity For Your Business?

by Jason Sanders Announcement
The Get More Business Show

This week’s Get More Business Show will focus on the topic of pricing.  Want to see a blank stare?  Ask a business owner how they price their product or service.  Never has there been a less understood and more crucial business component than pricing. In this changing market, are your products and/or services priced where […]

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TVPG Radio Show: The Success of a Landscape Artist

by Sheila O'Mara Business

On Wednesday, March 24, the TVPG, Get More Business, Radio Show had a guest on the show.  Adam Horning was our guest and shared with us some of his techniques for taking a very small start up business in 2005, in a very crowded field, to company that made just shy of a million dollars last [...]

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Your Business Is A Slave

by Jason Sanders Business

Yeah, your business has a master.  You may think your business is independent, but it’s not.  It’s reliant, dependent, yes…enslaved to any number of things.  I realized this during the TVPG Radio’s Get More Business Show last week.  We had a cool little segment as a tie in to St. Patrick’s day where we got to […]

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