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TVPG “Get More Business” Radio Show

by Sheila O'Mara Christine Hueber

  Check out this week’s radio show topic: Social Media Strategies that work. We hear a lot of hype about facebook and Twitter, but so much less about Linkedin. Do you know how to use it? Are you using it to the fullest advantage? Find out all the details on this week’s show with Christine [...]

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@unmarketing on TVPG Radio!

by Jason Sanders Business
Thumbnail image for @unmarketing on TVPG Radio!

On this week’s TVPG Radio show, I’m excited to announce that our guest is going to be Scott Stratten (@unmarketing on twitter)  Scott has his first book coming up and we’re excited to have him on the show and find out more about the book. Scott has been following an “unmarketing” strategy for more than […]

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Bus. comm: r u ok?

by Rich Bradley Business

I got into an interesting discussion with my co-host, Josh Chandler, on a recent radio show. The discussion started with another host, Jason Sanders, asked me a rather innocent question — how important is writing to a business?
As a former writer, newspaper editor and public relations specialist, nearly all of my post-college experience has dealt with the written word. [...]

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How To Find Free Publicity

by Rich Bradley Free Publicity

For most businesses to survive and thrive, they constantly need to attract new customers. This means they need to publicize themselves, to remain in the public eye.
Remember, though, that publicity doesn’t guarantee sales – there are many other factors that go into acquiring a new customer, but one of the most important is making sure [...]

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